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Computer Repair

Our skilled technicians provide expert diagnosis and repair for all types of computer issues. From hardware repairs to software troubleshooting, we ensure that your computer is up and running smoothly.

Data Backup

We understand the value of your data and the importance of keeping it safe. Our reliable backup solutions and seamless recovery processes ensure that your valuable information is protected against loss or damage.

Virus Protection and Security

Protecting your systems from viruses, malware, and other security threats is crucial. Our comprehensive solutions safeguard your devices and networks, ensuring a secure computing environment.

Remote IT Support

With our remote assistance services, we can troubleshoot and resolve technical issues without the need for an on-site visit. We provide prompt and personalized support, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

We Understand  Your Busy Schedule and the Frustration of Technology Troubles

At Whizz IT Support, we truly understand the demands of your busy schedule and the importance of having technology that works seamlessly.

We know the frustration that arises when technology hinders your productivity.

That’s why we are dedicated to providing fast and reliable solutions, ensuring that you can get back to what matters most without any disruptions.

Let us take care of your technology, so you can focus on what you do best.

We’re nerds at heart.

At Whizz IT Support, we’re nerds at heart, passionate about technology and dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for all your tech needs.

From computer repairs and data backup to virus protection and remote IT support, our team of tech enthusiasts is here to ensure your technology works flawlessly.

Trust our nerdy expertise to unlock the full potential of your devices and provide you with a seamless and hassle-free tech experience.

Technology shouldnt be a chore.

At Whizz IT Support, we firmly believe that technology shouldn’t be a burden.

We’re here to simplify your tech journey and make it a breeze.

From computer repairs and data backup to virus protection and remote IT support, our expert team handles it all.

Say goodbye to tech frustrations and welcome a seamless and effortless technology experience.

Let us empower you to embrace the full potential of technology without the hassle.

What Our Clients Say

Here Are What Our Valued Clients Have to Say About Us Over The Years

Tom has a pleasant friendly manner. He has always been considerate of our needs and has been readily available to us when we are faced with difficulties. He has opened up interesting new possibilities for us and has indeed, become a reliable friend to our family. I heartedly recommend his patience, on-going re-assuring confidence and extremely knowledgeable IT service.

Kate Cartmell

“Tom at Whizz IT Support is an absolute legend! His friendly and helpful nature makes all the difference when it comes to our IT needs. He’s always there for us, ready to tackle any challenges we face. Tom’s expertise and reliable support have significantly improved our business operations. We wholeheartedly recommend his patient approach, unwavering confidence, and extensive knowledge in IT services. Tom is the go-to guy for all our technology needs!”

JJ&R Building Contracts

Whizz IT Support has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Tom is not only highly skilled but also incredibly responsive and friendly. He has seamlessly handled all our IT needs, from computer repairs to data backup, with utmost professionalism. His dedication and expertise has opened up new opportunities for us, and we consider them an invaluable partner.

Robinson Properties

5 months ago

Whizz It Support
🚀 Is your computer moving at a snail's pace, making you dream of the days when it zipped along? It's time to put the pedal to the metal with Whizz IT Support! 🚀🖥️💨 Picture this: Your computer, firing on all cylinders, handling tasks at lightning speed, and saying goodbye to the dreaded loading screen. That dream? We're here to make it your reality.Here's how we turbocharge your tech:- 🧹 Dust off the digital cobwebs with a deep system clean.- 🛠️ Upgrade your software and hardware for peak performance.- 🚀 Optimize your settings to unlock the fast lane.- 🛡️ Sweep away any malware or viruses that are dragging you down.📞 Ready to leave slow speeds in the dust? Zoom over to call us at 01253 530 150 or race to our website at 🌐 Let's supercharge your computing experience!Time to buckle up and enjoy the ride with Whizz IT Support. Your super fast computer awaits! 💫 #superfasttech #whizzitsupport #SpeedUpYourLife #TechBoost ... See MoreSee Less
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6 months ago

Whizz It Support
🌟 Is It Time to Clean-Up Your Computer? 🌟Hey there, Digital Dynamos! 🖥️✨ Have you noticed your trusty computer isn't quite as sprightly as it used to be? Perhaps it's time for a good old-fashioned spring clean! ☔🧹🍃 Just like our homes, our computers need a bit of TLC to stay in peak condition. Dust bunnies in your hardware and cluttered files in your software can slow down your digital companion, turning your speedy hare into a sluggish tortoise. 🐢💨But fear not! Whizz IT Support is on the job:- 🧽 We'll sweep away the virtual cobwebs and tidy up your files.- 🛠️ Perform essential updates to keep things running smooth as a Rolls-Royce.- 🛡️ Check for sneaky viruses and unwanted software – no uninvited guests here!- 💾 And we'll back up your precious data, because better safe than sorry!📞 Ready for a spruce up? Give us a ring at 01253 530 150 or pop over to our website at 🌐 Let's get your computer back to its zippy self!Remember, a clean computer is a happy computer! 🌈 #computercleanup #whizzitsupport #TechTidy #digitalspringclean 🖥️🍃🧼 ... See MoreSee Less
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6 months ago

Whizz It Support
We’d be chuffed to bits if you could spare a moment to leave us a review! thoughts mean the world to us and help keep our services tip-top for you and others. Cheers for your continued support as always. Tom ... See MoreSee Less
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6 months ago

Whizz It Support
Happy New Year to all our wonderful customers.Wishing you a fun, prosperous and exciting 2024.See you all in the New Year 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 ... See MoreSee Less
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